Cannabis and ADD/ADHD

In the eyes of popular culture, cannabis consumers aren’t exactly models of concentration and cognitive performance. So when a small group of researchers began exploring cannabis as alternative treatment for attention deficit disorders, there was of course some scoffing and skepticism. Nevertheless, with so many medical marijuana patients swearing by its ability to promote focus in place of prescription stimulants, these doctors sought to take a closer look at the scientific basis of this counterintuitive phenomenon. Continue reading “Cannabis and ADD/ADHD”

6 Harmful Cannabis Myths Debunked

Misinformation has overshadowed the cannabis plant ever since its gradual prohibition during the early- and mid-1900s. Nearly a century of negative propaganda has kept generations of Americans in the dark about the benefits of cannabis. Instead of cannabis facts we got cannabis lies and misinformation.

Shedding some light on this misunderstood plant is well past due! Here, we dispel some of the most common myths that our patients ask us about in clinic. Continue reading “6 Harmful Cannabis Myths Debunked”



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